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The instructions in the booklet were really clear and detailed,
and as we put the table together, got more and more excited. Oh wow,
this is really good quality hardware! I like these little metal accents!
That’s it? We’re done? Cool! I don’t know if he’s a total prefab
furniture convert yet, but he was really impressed with the quality of
the pieces and the hardware , so it’s a step in the right direction!

One thing I really love about this sofa table is that it’s finished
on all sides. The back of most prefab furniture isn’t finished, and you
can see the MDF, but this table is finished everywhere, which means you
can put it anywhere!

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It’s all about design

This well established Property Agent in Paris blew their
competition out of the water with this beautifully designed property
portfolio site. Obsessive attention to detail and a mobile first
approach resulted in a site with a sophisticated light-box feature that
adapts seamlessly to phone, tablet and desktop.

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